after you Call

You've finished your list; that wasn't so bad, right? You have a huge list of phone numbers, names, emails, and dates; now its time to...

1. Create 'visuals' that showcase your work

Now that you've got some attention from some potential accounts, It's time to show them what you're made of. Every entrepreneur should have a powerpoint, graphics, or a video that shows your credibility. When it comes to writing a follow-up email, sometimes less is more. Don't bog down a DM's time with a long-winded, over-bearing essay; give them something short, sweet and let your 'visuals' do the talking.

2. Put follow-up contacts on your calendar

Next, you should sift through your 'master list' and put all of those follow-ups and appointments on your calendar. Pro Tip: When speaking with a DM, always suggest a day to follow-up that best suits their schedule; if they say "I'm normally very busy, my schedule is hit-or-miss", just suggest a time and mention said time in your follow-up email.

3. Get better by knowing your ratios

What is your call to appointment ratio? What about your appointment to closed business ratio? If you want to improve your efficiency, it's important that you keep track of your weekly/monthly numbers. The reason why we do this is to see what part of the process needs improving. For example, is your call/appointment ratio low but your appointment/closed business is high? Maybe that means you need to work on your 'elevator pitch'. Is your call/appointment ratio high but your appointment/closed business number low? We should probably change the way we present our product/service to potential accounts.