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$75/Hr.During our call we will write a new elevator pitch, make a list of 25 accounts to call, and create a custom follow up plan. 
$150/Hr for everything above and I make calls on your behalf. The first 20 minutes are free

Custom call campaign

We will give you 30 pre-qualified leads that include phone numbers, decision makers names, and emails; Our goal is to set appointments for your sales team. Campaigns typically last one month.

Lance is a dying breed of people who wants to get to know you and help you improve in sales, instead of selling a generic online program. He is readily available to give advice, help with strategy or just have a good chat. I have been able to learn a lot from Lance, including elevator pitches, call organization and perfecting my calls. He has shadowed some of my calls and given me advice on how I can do better on the next one. If you are looking to learn more about selling or to perfect your cold calls, I highly recommend Lance and

During covid, I was a bit skeptical when Lance told me he could help me get consistent scheduled appointments, but then I took his course, and he gave me a proper foundation with his tools and coaching calls.

Andrew harris

jake goss

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Andrew Fein

"Lance thank you! Our call today was beyond what I’ve gotten from sales professionals that I’ve even paid for in the past. You’ve given me real value and more than that, helped me secure actual meetings WHILE we were still on the phone."

Andrew Mcdowell

After talking with Lance the first time, my impression was just "Wow!" I responded to his social media post and that initial introduction sparked an on-going dialogue. He is a big-picture thinker and can find a fresh or unexplored perspective in almost any idea. I enjoy our calls and leave each meeting feeling motivated and positive about my project. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner thinking about a pivot, I highly recommend giving Lance a call!